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with Shannon

Shannon is a Trainer and Coach who partners with CS leaders and professionals to reach their own highest potential in their careers; ultimately creating an exceptional customer experience. Shannon guides others using her understanding of human potential and industry best practices — empowering them to tap into their greatest strengths to create fulfillment and success. She’s a certified Solution-focused Coach with training in Nonviolent Communication. Shannon also has a talent for guiding others to learn new skills, quickly adopt technology, and streamline processes efficiently with ease.
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Areas of Expertise include:

Transitioning Into Tech

Customer Education & Enablement

Interview Preparation

Strategic Project Planning

Executive Presence

Leadership Development

Coaching with Impact 

I love working with Shannon because she inspires me to reach higher for what I strive for in my career and life. She has helped me look deeper into myself to better understand what passions, values and desires I have. I always feel motivated to take that next step or leap towards what I want after every interaction I have with Shannon.
Stephany S.
Shannon has been a dream to work with! Incredibly patient, thoughtful and knowledgeable. When working with Shannon I felt extremely heard, we created a project plan for me that pushed me, made me think and yet, was completely attainable. She has a fantastic way of shedding new light on things and helping you think outside of the box. Although we primarily focused on my career - Shannon had great insights on supporting all changes I wanted to make in my life.
Una I.
Having Shannon as my career coach truly helped me gain clarity. She provides a safe space for you to explore your dreams and aspirations in life. She provides guidance to set goals and turn those goals into actions. When I started with Shannon, I was insecure about my employment experience. But she helped me understand that I had great work experience and helped me feel more confident. I couldn’t have done this without the help of Shannon!
Jacklyn H.