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with Justin

Justin is a seasoned leader in Customer Success and Customer Experience with over two decades of experience leading customer-facing teams, including CS Operations, Implementation, Support, and more. He excels in creating scalable processes to enhance customer experience, increase promoters, generate upsell opportunities, and minimize churn. Justin’s dedication to cultivating meaningful relationships aligns business objectives with customers’ desired outcomes.
Areas of Expertise include:

Transitioning Into Tech

CS/CX Operations

Community Engagement

Strategic Project Planning


Leadership Development

Justin ensures customers achieve maximum value through scalable processes, automation, digital strategies, and AI integration. He focuses on continuous improvement and data-driven decision-making to enhance customer experiences. An active industry thought leader, Justin engages in mentoring and knowledge-sharing within customer success communities. He resides in Atlanta, Georgia, and enjoys rugby, pickleball, fitness, and motorcycles.

Coaching with Impact 

I love working with Shannon because she inspires me to reach higher for what I strive for in my career and life. She has helped me look deeper into myself to better understand what passions, values and desires I have. I always feel motivated to take that next step or leap towards what I want after every interaction I have with Shannon.
Stephany S.
Shannon has been a dream to work with! Incredibly patient, thoughtful and knowledgeable. When working with Shannon I felt extremely heard, we created a project plan for me that pushed me, made me think and yet, was completely attainable. She has a fantastic way of shedding new light on things and helping you think outside of the box. Although we primarily focused on my career - Shannon had great insights on supporting all changes I wanted to make in my life.
Una I.
Having Shannon as my career coach truly helped me gain clarity. She provides a safe space for you to explore your dreams and aspirations in life. She provides guidance to set goals and turn those goals into actions. When I started with Shannon, I was insecure about my employment experience. But she helped me understand that I had great work experience and helped me feel more confident. I couldn’t have done this without the help of Shannon!
Jacklyn H.