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with Giorgia

You have 5-sessions with Annie, an original transitioning teacher and experienced Customer Success Leader who has advanced experience in building and customizing CRM structures including Gainsight and ChurnZero to align unique customer journeys and increased product fidelity. With a diverse portfolio of customers from Digital to Enterprise, her expertise spans over 15 years in SaaS and Non-SaaS Client Experience, Customer Success, Customer Support, Implementation/Onboarding, Sales (Renewals, Expansions), and Professional Services for B2B SaaS companies.  Guest service and client experience is no stranger to this former Disney cast member, offering support and coaching with revenue customer impact at the heart of it. 

Annie can share her expertise on areas including, but not limited to:
  • B2B Across All Growth Phases
  • Transitioning Into Tech
  • Initiative & Event Planning
  • Strategic Project Planning
  • Customer Enablement & Education
  • Data Analysis & Insights
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