6-Week Certification Program

Learn the essential practices of Customer Success Management with FOUNDATIONS
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This course is great for those who are:

 New-to-Customer Success ready to learn
 Looking to further develop or refine existing skills
 Ready to invest into their professional development

What you will get out of this course

FOUNDATIONS Level I will provide opportunities to interactively and collaboratively build and develop essential skills for every Customer Success team member, at every level. The skills and methodologies learned here will ultimately lead to your customers' success with your products or services, instantly able to apply learnings into your role and daily responsibilities.

Curriculum Overview

  • Week 1 : Leading Effective Business Meetings
  • Week 2 : Customer Communication Best Practices
  • Week 3 : Mastering the Art of Nojitsu
  • Week 4 : Start the Renewal at Kickoff
  • Week 5 : Time Management and Proactive Customer Management
  • Week 6 : Difficult Conversations

FOUNDATIONS 6-Week Schedule

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Cohort Start Date

April 13th 2022

Course Schedule

May 25th 2022
June 23rd 2022
August 16th, 2022
October 6th, 2022